Our Human Loyalty® Philosophy

We believe that a loyal consumer is a brand’s greatest asset. Our vision recognizes that loyalty must be earned, first through a great product or service, and then through emotional bonding and personalized experiences. We have aligned our solutions to deliver digital moments of value at every stage of the loyalty spectrum, creating enriched experiences for the consumer while driving economic value for the brand. Our solutions typically result in lower cost of acquisition, foster more active members, increased advocacy and sustained sales velocity. 


Promotion & Loyalty Solutions
Anheuser-Busch Case Study

Do/get experiences to capture and convert consumers in the moment. 

We are a full-service provider and global expert. For nearly a decade, we've administered more promotions than any other company in the U.S. From the strategy to the immersive campaign creation to managing the winner experience, we provide a white-glove experience to our brand partners and their consumers.  Channels and solutions vary, from localized trade executions to global campaigns.  Here are a few favorites to engage across the consumer journey:

  • Chance to win games
  • Hashtag, Photo, Video & Essay Contests
  • Text-to-win campaigns
  • Purchase validation programs
  • Collect & Win
  • Advergames
  • Webservice APIs
  • High-volume platform 
Royal Caribbean Case Study

Invite consumers to spend time with your brand in exchange for ongoing rewards.

A digital content hub offers a variety of customized and branded games and engaging activities that keep consumers coming back. Think of it as the marriage between short-term promotions and long-term loyalty programs. Understand purchase behaviors by including receipt or code validation components. Engagement hubs see 60% more time spent on average over a basic sweepstakes.

  • Sweepstakes & games
  • Quizzes, surveys, polls, & trivia
  • Purchase validation programs
  • Collect & Win or Streak Couponing® programs
  • Product reviews programs
Samsung Rewards Case Study

Loyalty is earned after a collection of positive moments with your brand.

Human Loyalty® is built on our native technology, rooted in business strategy, and proven to create major business impact - exciting consumers across the globe.

Build lasting relationships with flexible technology, layers of engagement, and key insights. Get hands on with our SaaS offering, LoyaltyPlus , or allow us  to customize a program that meets your unique business and consumer experience.

  • Custom enterprise programs
  • Digital rebates
  • Surprise & delight
  • Advocacy programs
  • Traditional points-based programs
  • Gamification and promotion overlays
  • B2B and B2E loyalty
  • Global SaaS platform
  • Unique code generation
  • Catalog management
Merkle 2019 Marketing Imperatives

Together we are the new industry standard for consumer engagement.

Since joining the Merkle family in 2018, we are now able to bring our clients the cross-disciplinary expertise of Merkle's people-based marketing together with our well-established consumer engagement leadership in Promotions and Loyalty.

We bring together all of the ways to identify, activate, engage and retain consumers coupled with the ability to support more addressable media and CRM to manage relationships over time, and enterprise technology solutions to join your adtech and martech.

We deliver a defined strategy that spans the customer life cycle, focused on growth and satisfaction.

HelloWorld Whitepapers

The team brands turn to when they have a consumer engagement need.

Our team of consultants combine our two decades of consumer engagement expertise with tried-and-tested strategic methodologies to help you answer your most challenging consumer engagement questions – from defining a new initiative, optimizing an on-going program, and understanding the next step in your marketing evolution.

  • Promotions and Loyalty Program Design
  • On-going Engagement Strategies
  • Communication Plans & Management
  • Marketing Initiative Optimizations
  • Business Trends & Reviews

We’re obsessed with results.

Our Analytics & Insights discipline combines data scientists and analysts with multi-dimensional program data to measure the performance of your program and tactics. Providing periodic performance reporting and dashboards with insights and actionable recommendations derived from consumer behavior and attitudes, our team offers fully-customized reporting and analysis services that answer your most business-critical questions.

  • Measurement planning and learning roadmaps
  • KPI development and review
  • Experimental design and analysis
  • Standard and customized interactive dashboards
  • Post-promotion reports, weekly/monthly scorecards and quarterly business reviews
  • Insights and recommendations
  • Causal analysis
  • Customer segmentation and targeting
  • Predictive modeling
  • Pre-promotion projections powered by our Promotions Success Index™
  • Advanced insights and consulting services

Bringing consumer experiences to life in a multi-platform world.

Our in-house team of strategic marketers, storytellers, visual artists and experience architects craft award-winning digital moments that stop people in their tracks and motivate desired consumer behaviors. Experts in gamification, promotions and loyalty executions, our leading-industry experience ensures that each program’s design is rooted in data and paired with emerging technology to create intuitive, frictionless and memorable experiences representing your brand.

  • Program concepts
  • UX Research + Design
  • Quantitative and Qualitative Usability Testing
  • Cross-channel UI development
  • Content Strategy + Copywriting
  • VIS Ids, style guides
  • Logo development and branding
  • Photo shoots
  • Illustration, animation, 3D
  • Tutorial videos, motion graphics and VO
  • Select print work
  • Data visualizations

Leverage our promotion law expertise and ensure your campaigns are compliant.

We lead the way for promotion compliance, working alongside legislators to protect brands and consumers across North America and in more than 40 other countries. We administer more promotions than any other company in the U.S., and even co-wrote promotion laws for Puerto Rico. Legal Services are bundled with our Promotion and Loyalty work, or you can purchase a package of legal services if you run your own campaigns. We understand the nuance of local, national and global laws.

Promotion & Loyalty Program Compliance

  • Program structure & legal strategy
  • Official Rules and Terms & Conditions
  • Bonding & registration
  • Social & electronic messaging compliance
  • Advertising material legal reviews
  • Prizing and rewards documentation and tax compliance
  • Privacy and data protection: CAN Spam, TCPA and GDPR expertise

International Services

  • Localized legal analysis of program strategy
  • Terms & Conditions drafting, clearance and translations in every leading market
  • Coordination with local counsel

White-glove service is our specialty.

Our team of experts handles the detailed and complex tasks of securing the right prizing and rewards, selecting and confirming promotional winners, and making sure prizes and rewards get there on time so your team doesn’t have to.

Administration & Eligibility Validation
Leave the selection, validation and winner notification to us, including on social media, as well as user-generated content screening and judging. We have built a proprietary winner management system for prize claim documents to collect, review and store declarations of compliance and winners lists, handle 1099 forms and IRS reporting as well as international fulfillment and associated reporting.

Reward Strategy & Procurement
Our team will negotiate and procure vehicles, electronics, luxury goods, gift cards, and digital codes as well as source experiential prizes, celebrity meet/greet and group events. Our teams specialize in reward procurement and catalog management, inventory and delivery logistics while maintaining strict cost control.

Customer Care
We field emails with general questions, support inquiries on rewards, prizes or documentation. We craft instant email notifications for reward status. Consumer data is housed in a secure portal. International and foreign language capabilities available.

Behind the Scenes

Our Promotions and Loyalty technology platforms are scalable and continuously evolve to meet ever-changing marketing trends, brand needs and consumer behavior. 

Combining our two-decade history of marketing technology development with Merkle's loyalty offering in 2018, our technology offering creates the industry powerhouse. We build and maintain both custom and enterprise solutions across engagement promotions, engagement hubs, and loyalty programs using our configurable promotion platform and Loyalty SaaS platform, LoyaltyPlus™.

  • Cloud-based SaaS loyalty platform
  • High-availability enterprise promotions platform
  • Micro-service Architecture
  • Customized Solutions 
  • Fraud detection and prevention technologies
  • Big Data Analytics
  • Polyglot Language Base
  • 60+ Integrations available, REST APIs, SFTP, ETL
  • Agile through and through

We keep your campaigns wildly successful and surprise free.
Our platforms support the most demanding traffic needs, even when you buy an ad on the most-watched broadcast of the year. Our industry-leading real-time fraud prevention technology and dedicated internal hosting staff ensure that your campaign and your consumers’ data is protected and while balancing the need for a seamless consumer interaction.

  • Private cloud-based infrastructure
  • Maintain current SSAE SOC2 Type 2
  • Information Security Policy based on ISO 27001 and NIST best practices
  • Infrastructure makes heavy use of security tiers, and is protected by WAF and IDS technologies
  • Data is encrypted in transit and at rest
  • Proprietary anti-fraud technology
  • Synchronous and asynchronous measures

A revolution in how we operate.

What we create can be complicated. So we believe in a structured, fluid and flexible working relationship between all clients and partners.

We operate through an agile process that gets everyone on the same page - including cross-functional disciplines and our clients – to manage work planning, delivery, and client-team communication to deliver both in scope and on time.

We roadmap large, custom work through a collaborative and prescriptive immersion into defining project scope and key drivers of success with our clients. We manage all work through client-aligned workstreams, defining daily priorities and communication. The results, happy clients and team members speak for themselves.

  • Scope alignment among stakeholders
  • Improved project control and quality
  • More transparency, less ambiguity
  • Reduced risk to timing/budget
  • Team member and client satisfaction

We keep good company.

We pride ourselves on our native technology; in fact, we build and maintain 95% of our platforms and services ourselves. But we also rub elbows with some of the most recognizable names in technology for some important services. Meet a few of our besties.

With deep roots in mobility, native application development, and IoT, DMI delivers mobile marketing solutions that bring the power of our Human Loyalty® engine to unique promotional experiences.

Partnered with the world's leading provider of language services and related technology, we provide perfectly translated content in 170+ languages (and counting).

Balti Virtual
With over 20 years of experience in AR, VR, and 3D animation, Balti Virtual partners with our Creative team to bring custom web-based AR experiences to our promotions.

Merkle and HelloWorld logo
We’re proud to be a part of the Merkle family. 

Joining forces in 2018, together we create a true industry leader in people-based marketing, enabling expanded capability in promotional and loyalty solutions, CRM, digital customer experience and stategy.