Customer Engagement Report: Q4 2019 |

Customer Engagement Report: Q4 2019

CRM complement to the Digital Marketing Report

After over 30 years of being entrenched in our clients’ CRM aspirations and achievements, there’s certainly no pretending that customer engagement is easy. It requires the orchestration of strategy, date, advanced analytics, technology, campaign executions, and performance management. 

The Customer Engagement Report is our CRM complement to the media insights we share in the Digital Marketing Report. You’ll get cross-industry analysis of marketing statistics and trends, in addition to articles and case studies to help you make better business decisions.  

Featured this quarter:

  • Insights into personalization and loyalty
  • Articles:
    • Positive Customer Experiences are Fueled by Data
    • How Human Loyalty® Programs Create Identity to Power Personalization
  • Case Study: A leading athletic apparel brand used its loyalty program and a data-based approach for a more targeted customer experience to convert one-time purchasers to repeat customers.

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Merkle Customer Engagement Report Q4