Keep Your Eye on the Prize |

Keep Your Eye on the Prize

In the interactive world, marketers tend to get so focused on the cutting edge online experience that they lose site of a key old school promotion element that gets consumers there in the first place – the prize. That’s not to say that the online experience isn’t tremendously important. People spending an average of 3-5 minutes in a brand immersive experience is definitely a powerful marketing tool. However what gets them there in the first place is the prize. Think of the prize as the invitation and the online experience as the party. I’ll give you a simple example to illustrate the point. When walking down the cereal aisle in the grocery store, do you look at a cereal box and say “Wow – that’s a really cool online experience”. Of course you don’t. It’s “wow I can win that car, a trip to space camp or Super Bowl tickets.” Interactive marketers sometime lose site of the importance of prizing or take it on as an afterthought to the online experience. However, prizing should be throught of at the beginning of the concept ideation process because it is a powerful tool that drives consumers to the promotion and it can shape the online experience. So remember - always remember to keep your eyes on the prize…if you don’t there might not be too many eyes on your promotion.

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Friday, October 5, 2007