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Trade Marketing Promotions House

AB InBev Trade Marketing Promotions House promotions
AB InBev offers a trade marketing opportunity to obtain incremental retail space for its products

Beer, wine, and liquor brands have a unique challenge in that they must adhere to certain regulations; however, they also share a more wide-spread challenge faced by other CPG brands: obtaining additional retail space so more product is featured in-store or poured in bars and restaurants.

AB InBev came to us looking for a solution that its regional teams could offer to wholesalers and retailers to obtain more shelf space in-store and drive awareness of AB InBev product. We configured a quick to market, turnkey promotions house where key account managers and wholesalers can offer a simple text-to-win or microsite sweepstakes to retailers. These promotion opportunities leverage regional asset partners (like sports teams, events, or other sponsorships) and, for the end consumer, chances to win regional prizes.

Business Impact

retail promotions were launched at the regional level by various beer brands during the first year of the promotions house solution.

Points of Entry

In-store displays instruct consumers to text a keyword to the Anheuser-Busch shortcode. Once consumers acknowledge entry, confirm they are of legal drinking age, and enter their state of residence, they receive a Sweepstakes entry. An online-only version is also available when collecting email opt-in is a primary goal. Winners are drawn and notified via their specific channel of entry. 

AB InBev Points of Entry
Regional Programs Use Promotions House Technology

Various Anheuser-Busch beer labels take advantage of the turnkey promotions house for regional programs, including Bud Light, Busch, Shock Top, Michelob Ultra, Stella, and more. Depending on the retailer, bar, or restaurant, marketing assets can vary: tear pads, table tents, coasters, posters, and cooler signage are examples of assets used to activate regional promotions.

AB InBev regional promotions
AB InBev National Marketing campaigns - Canada Goose, Shock Top, Landshark

National Marketing Campaigns

In addition to these turnkey promotions, the Merkle AB InBev Promotions House is also leveraged to execute custom campaigns. These nationwide programs have been run by labels such as Shock Top, LandShark, Goose Island, and more.