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5 Fundamentals for the Holidays

Learn about the current landscape of retail and what it means as brands plan for the holidays. We’ll share research and stats, changes in eCommerce, and must-dos for re-emergence from the pandemic. Once the stage has been set, you’ll then learn about the five digital activation fundamentals that will help solve business challenges for your brand: 

  1. Build Database for Remarketing Purposes
  2. Engage Consumers Online to Drive Time Spent & Education
  3. Decrease Financial Liability Within Your Loyalty Program
  4. Learn About Consumers for Annual Planning Initiatives
  5. Add Value Without Discounting

For each of the five fundamentals, we’ve laid out the reasoning behind its importance for retail brands, we give you a specific activation tactic to employ for the holidays, and we explain how each tactic solves a different business need.

5 Fundamentals for the holidays