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5 Holiday Promotions to Drive Identity

We all know promotions drive revenue, but did you also know they can drive identity? Each time a consumer visits your promotion, a new opportunity to gather zero- and first-party data is born. Promotions can be stand-alone engagements or tied to existing loyalty programs — creating brand moments and accelerating identity-centered marketing strategies, which are especially important during the critical holiday season.

Across the entire customer journey, from discovery and purchase to retention and advocacy, promotions work alongside media and CRM to drive and convert consumers in the moment. Learn more about these five ways your holiday promotions can help you increase consumer engagement and capture identity data:

  • Wish List
  • Days of Giving Sweepstakes
  • Engagement Hub
  • Hashtag Sweepstakes
  • Augmented Reality (AR) Promotions
5 Holiday Promotions to Drive Identity