Josh Yaker at HelloWorld
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Josh Yaker at HelloWorld
Josh Yaker
Full Position
VP, General Counsel
Josh is our General Counsel, responsible for the company’s legal affairs, including compliance in the areas of promotion and marketing law, data privacy, mobile communications, and social media. He has practiced corporate, commercial and compliance law for more than 20 years.

Josh earned undergraduate and law degrees from the University of Michigan. Before joining HelloWorld in 2013, he was general counsel with a variety of companies, including Detroit Diesel and Energy Conversion Devices.

What is your leadership philosophy?
Deep down, you almost always like how a real leader makes you feel, the way you find yourself working harder and pushing yourself and thinking in ways you couldn’t ever get to on your own.

What was your very first job?
I was an ice cream truck driver at age 18.

Is there a little known fact/hidden talent that we should know about you?
Yes! Coaching basketball shooting.

Josh Large Mouth Bass Fishing
Key Fact

What skill would you like to learn?
Coding. Or maybe the banjo.

Josh Yaker University of Michigan