Mark Schell at HelloWorld office
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Mark Schell at HelloWorld office
Mark Schell
Full Position
VP, Organizational Development
Mark joined HelloWorld in 2012 and oversees our Talent organization, including performance management, benefits, compensation, training and development, and talent acquisition. He has over 20 years of experience in Human Resources at companies such as Adecco, EDS and Entertainment. Prior to joining HelloWorld, Mark served as VP of Human Resources at Entertainment and led a team that supported employees throughout North America. Mark has a BS in Education from Wayne State University and an MS in Administration with Human Resources concentration from Central Michigan University.

If your career path hadn't led you to HR, what other field might you have chosen?
I graduated from WSU in Secondary Social Studies with the intent to become a high school history teacher. But of course I'd also be the high school football coach because that's fun too.

What was the first concert you went to?
If I wanted to sound cool, I'd go with the 1985 Kool & The Gang concert at the Michigan State Fairgrounds. If I want to be honest, actually the very first concert I went to was Tanya Tucker. Also at the fairgrounds. With my parents. (None of this is as cool as I hoped it would sound.) Delta Dawn, baby!

As an HR pro, what's your favorite interview question to ask?
I like to ask, "What gets your head off the pillow each morning?" The candidate's answer provides insight into what motivates them and gives me a better understanding of intrinsic value they're seeking in an employment opportunity.

Any hidden talents?
Back in the '90s, I was a DJ at a nightclub. Well, maybe nightclub is overstating it a bit. The place was called The Dugout at the Liberty Park Softball Complex in Sterling Heights. I was the one responsible for mixing Egyptian Lover with When I Hear Music It Makes Me Dance. I calculated the beats per minute with a stopwatch and mixed them up. If you've heard this remix, now you'll know it was me who originated it..

Mark Schell Family
Key Fact

Bagels or donuts?
[long pause] Ummmm, donut.
But I was really conflicted.

Mark Schell of HelloWorld